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How will Inclusive Communities services benefit me?


  • Inclusive Communities has an holistic approach to our service and considers the ‘wholeness’ of our clients lives.

  • Service users will be doing activities they choose, ensuring they truly enjoy their time with us.

  • Service users and their carers will benefit from the flexibility of our service.

  • Socialising with their own peers as well as the wider community.

  • Our ideal location means we are in the heart of the community, the library is next door. 

  • We are a two minutes walk from the health centre. Having these resources so close means we are able to easily access them, and benefit from all the resources our local community has to offer. 

  • Service users will benefit from group work as well as individual support.

  • Benefit from greater independence, as a result our clients grow in confidence.

  • Service users will have the opportunity and support to experience new and exciting activities.

  • Inclusive Communities tailors its programme to each client, using their  ‘person centred plans’

  • Inclusive Communities recognises the rights of our clients and

    advocates for them when necessary.

  • We work with clients to set goals and we measure the outcomes

    through regular support plan reviews. 

Funding for Our Service

Inclusive Communities provide a service funded through direct payments, individualised budgets, or private funding. “In control” can be applied through social services. It is a new way of purchasing the service & support you need. It gives the individual more control over the money spent on the services they require. For more information on this, contact your local social services department, or visit the in control website 

Our Staffing Team



Jessica Britton - Arts Co-Ordinator/ Community Support Worker 


Patrick Ferguson - Community Support Worker

Gita Naran - Health & Wellbeing/Community Support Worker 


Peter Simon - Project Co-Ordinator

Corey Bucknor - Community Support Worker


Hannah Turner - Music & Drama


Michelle Raffington - Administration/Community Support Worker

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