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What is Inclusive Communities?

Inclusive Communities is an independent community driven project. The project is designed to offer support to adults with learning disabilities. We provide a unique service which enables them to develop existing skills, as well as learn new skills in a stable and structured environment. The opportunity to pursue individual interests in the wider community is at the heart of the Inclusive Communities concept.

Inclusive Communities delivers a programme tailored to the individual. We work with each client helping them to identify specific and achievable goals. By regularly reviewing progress, the client is able to measure their achievements and set new goals for themselves. This person centred approach ensures that each individual gets the right amount of support, specific to their needs and wishes.




The Inclusive Communities approach:

  • Empowers people to express their rights as valued members of their local community.

  • Facilitates the opportunity to make informed choices about real issues that affect their lives.

  • Supports individuals to empower themselves in order to achieve greater independence, and ultimately gain more control over their lives.

  • Provides an inclusive environment that promotes diversity, and recognises the individual gifts and qualities we all have, in order to achieve an inclusive society.



Inclusive Communities offers:

  • Holistic and practical support joined up with local services.

  • A stable and structured environment where you can build your confidence and independence.

  • A professional approach combined with empathy and respect for our clients.


Inclusive Communities is a flexible service, Monday to Friday from 9.00am till 4.00pm, with evening and weekend opportunities. 

Contact us now for a taster day here at Inclusive Communities!

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